[IMAGE] The Lighthouse

Here is the lighthouse. As this was on the same file as yesterday, there are houses behind the shown object. I’ve just made them invisible WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND!

And the option that removes objects from the render.

Not nearly that impressive, put like that.

Don’t want to go into how long I fought to get this. I swear, I followed instructions to the T and I still screwed up.

Everything started to go pear shaped when opening the program. Found I had a circle select instead of the box select on my cursor. It in no way shape or form worked like the previous select. I could muddle through and do the lesson, no problem. Well, a little problem. No worries though.

Then it went back to box select.


Same way it went to circle in the first place. Computers are the tools of the Dark Lord and everything that touches them goes MAD!

To think I wondered what I would talk about on loading this up.

Next comes the rocky base. AKA an island the lighthouse and houses will sit on.

[Thoughts] She’s Still Hungry, You Know

I remember her being terrifying.

The picture is from the Golden Book version of Hansel and Gretel. Or, rather, my version, back in the day. It’s from the front of the book, with the two kids over to the left.

As said, this is a terrifying memory. The witch, standing there, staring out of the book. At the fool still holding the book.

At me.

Memory plays tricks. The face there has a more evil cast. Uglier. Wicked.

This, though? While sinister after a fashion, it doesn’t compare to memory. What is fails to compare to what the mind wants to believe.

I find that kind of interesting.