[THOUGHTS] Shelob’s Sister

Shelob's Sister

That image is from a Fail Army video I found on Youtube. See that little shape right by Shelob’s Sister’s head there? That’s a regular sized spider. Our girl here is just.



Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Surprise the one filming this thing didn’t try to pet it next. I swear, half the videos are people trying to pet wild animals and having the nerve to be shocked when they get bit.

Anyways, that’s someone’s basement in Australia. No way I’d be doing this. I have a hard enough time going into my basement now, and my spiders are normal sized.


Look, I don’t go into the basement unless forced in fear of running into something like our girl here.

Just look at her.

I can take tarantulas. All day, all night. But her?


The way she casually scuttles up the wall at the end of the clip.

Not a care in the world, that one.

Meanwhile, I’d be upstairs prepping to burn the whole place down.

Just to be sure.