The Obligatory First Post 2.0

Seventeen years and one free blog service ago I started out one of my longest running and (relatively) most successful projects. A blog site.

It was meant to improve my writing. I started it out with a few whimsical words, which I reprint here:

I have literally no idea what I’m going to say here. What do I need a blog for, anyway? What can I offer that millions can’t?

The only possible use I can think of for this thing is improving my writing, and I have NO intention of publishing fiction here. Essays maybe? The occasional review? Pretentiousness all the time, every time!

That’s me.

Maybe this will go with all the other blogs, started then discarded, forgotten amidst the wasteland that is the Internet.

Whatever. Who cares.

Here’s to hoping that something fun develops.

Any one out there?

Thankfully in the seventeen years I’ve been doing this, I’ve improved. I credit the work on this site in that regard, and hope to continue forward.

However, seventeen years is a long time. A lot of… not quality work has be built up. And I’d like to have a place that showcases me at, if not my best, then near to.

Thus I “dumped” over seventeen years of my life, and as of today I’m starting fresh!

I put “dumped” in quotes for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to lose the good stuff that I did do, so I marked it all as draft, intending to go through and separate the chaff from the straw. Over two thousand entries. Moved in bulk. Using two different windows. But still. Yikes.
  2. I didn’t want to lose seventeen years of my life, so I backed everything up on a new site called Welltun Cares Archives. You want the warts and all Cullen M. M. Waters, there it is. Right now the site’s kind of rough. I may or may not get back to it.

My intent going forwards is at least once a week post something, new or reclaimed. 500+ words. Fiction, essay, commentary on my art, what have you. No movie reviews, as I have a site for that.

There’s going to be better categories, better tags, and, with a little luck, better writing. ‘Cause even if I’m the best (I’m not) I can always be better.

So, as I said seventeen years ago, here’s to hoping that something fun develops.

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