[Site Update] Identifying the Sites Peccadilloes 

This site has always had two main problems. Well, it’s really one main problem as it all connects back to me. Call it two symptoms, if you will.

The first is that it doesn’t update regularly. I did wonders at the start, but at the start I was a jobless wastrel with plenty of time on my hands. These days I have a draining job and frantically working on finishing even one of my novels before I die of old age.

(Over twelve potential protagonists. Some with series story lines. With more coming every day it seems. Where was this wellspring in my youth?)

The point is I plan to post every Friday. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. But I’m trying to do better.

The second problem of the original run was that I’d start series and never finish them. Just ran out of things to say, stopped, planned to go back, never did.

This is more of an issue than the first. As guys like G. R. R. Martin might tell you.

This I don’t want to see happen now that I’ve started over. But when the well runs dry, when I don’t know how to proceed, there’s a problem.

Hence no updates.

Problems been solved. The series is finished (should have been finished before I started, but that’s something for another day)

The next two updates we continue on this strange little excursion. Then we’ll see what we shall see.

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