[Annoying Autobio] Mysterious Mystery at the Deli

It might seem like all I do is complain about work. This, though, is meant more as an observation.

Arriving at work yesterday I found the cooler had been emptied of meat chubs. Every single last one of them had been taken out and placed in the meat case out front.

The general assumption is that someone wanted the case to look full. And it might have worked, had some care been involved. Instead, everything got shoved together into a massive mess.

Now a reasonable, good associate would have done something to fix this. Problem is, I spend the better part of the previous day working on organizing the cooler and whoever had this latest brain storm undid all that. All I could see was spending another hour or so of work, only to be told I did it wrong and have it undone.

Is this a bad attitude to have? A little. I’m more apathetic about things, and that doesn’t help me or my associates in the long run.

It’s also, I think, a reaction to uncertainty. Until more stable leadership comes in (assuming more stable leadership does come in), it’s probably better to go with the flow. Especially since I’m seriously considering leaving anyways.

That didn’t stop me from commenting loudly about how stupid it was. I am who I am.

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