As a sort of palate cleanser from the last flick, I picked this one.

If “cleanser” can be used in connection with Deep Red, that is.

Deep Red

A pianist witnesses a horrible murder and investigates the crime, not knowing just how dangerous what he’s trying to do is.

This might be the fourth time I’ve watched this movie. I know the story, at least how it goes and who does what. It should hold no surprises for me. But like so many of my favorite Horror flicks, this one still gets to me.

It’s not without its flaws. But to go into them is to spoil a really wonderful flick. Besides, the good really outweighs the bad.

I did a full review of this film at the sister site, which will return the moment I get my act together regarding it. Bottom line, great flick (2.0) which I really love (2.0).

4 out of 4

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