[Month of Horror] The Psychic/Sette note in nero

Sette note in nero

A woman’s vision leads her to discover a murder.

This movie might be pushing the envelop a bit. To my mind, it’s more Thriller than Horror flick, with much of the good stuff happening in the final act.

Still, this is a very good movie, hampered by some really bad gore effects (the suicide at the beginning being chief among them.) It starts tame, turning the screw as it goes, until the climax.

I’m going to say something here: once again I saw the end coming to a movie I’d never seen before. I don’t know what’s happened. Maybe I’ve watched one too many of these things and know the melody a trifle too well.

Doesn’t matter, because I enjoyed the hell out of this flick. Made by Gore Master Lucio Fulci I’d expected something quite different and was pleasantly surprised by this great film (2.0). This might join The Thing and Suspiria as movies I can just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Speaking of Suspiria

4 out of 4

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