[Month of Horror] Suspiria (1977)/Joyû-rei

Okay, so our first flick was supposed to be yesterday’s choice. But Cullen felt too sleepy to finish. Thus it got pushed back to today, with today’s movie review in addition to it.

Suspiria (1977)

A young woman picks the wrong school to learn dancing from.

This is one of my comfort movies, something that I can just watch any time I like. Which probably says something terrible about me, as it’s deaths are nearly all pretty young women suffering horribly.

In fairness to me, one of my other comfort movies is John Carpenter’s The Thing, in which all the deaths are men suffering horribly. But maybe that’s not much better.

To get back to Suspiria, it’s a near perfect Horror flick (let’s sneak a score in here: 2.0). Nasty as hell. Enough style and verve to cover up questionable special effects, an info dump near the end, and a bat on a wire. Acting is off, but that’s dubbing for you.

I think half the success of this film is the soundtrack. Damn creepy stuff, I think.

Love this movie (2.0)

4 out of 4


A film is plagued by a laughing ghost.

You want a contrast, watch these two films back to back. Suspiria is in your face gruesome. This is more an M. R. James story. Only one on screen death, and just subtly growing chills.

It was this film and Cure that made me a fan of Japanese Horror. There was so much more to them than what I was seeing America side.

It’s been twenty some years since I watched this flick, and it’s ending stuck with me. Though I missed a crucial detail back then that changes the way I see the ending.

Great flick (2.0). Love it to pieces (2.0). It’s not possible to pick up by legitimate means for some reason, a situation that I’ve been hoping would change for years now. Currently, though, YouTube has a copy, which is how I watched it. Make sure the YouTube Subtitles are turned on.

4 out of 4

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