[Month of Horror] Glorious


A heartbroken man finds himself drawn into a very strange restroom

I’d more or less given up hope on modern Horror flicks, but damn if I haven’t found a goodly number of them in a past few weeks. Smile, Deadstream, and now this, Glorious.

Of the three, only Deadstream is one I’m likely to watch again any time soon. That should not be taken as a negative, though. I loved Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I’ve had a hard time even thinking of watching it.

Let me give you a slightly better description, for the record: a troubled man traveling cross country finds himself compelled to enter a rest stop bathroom. There he meets a voice claiming to be a God that needs him to perform a special sacrifice.

Yeah, it’s Lovecraft with toilets.

With J K Simmons playing the God.

Despite the questionable premise, it’s a grueling little piece of goodness. Great flick (2.) I liked it a great deal (1.5)

3.5 out of 4

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