[Month of Horror] Third Week Summation

What a week.

The Horror stuff I watched this week goes as follows:

  • Sette Note in Nero/The Psychic (Italian Feature)
  • Suspiria (Italian Feature)
  • Joyû-rei (Japanese Feature)
  • This Dark Thought (Animated Short)
  • There’s a Man in the Woods (Animated Short)
  • Homesick (Short)
  • Glorious (Feature)
  • Who’s Hungry (Animated Short)
  • Leave (Short)
  • Run (Short)
  • The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (West German Feature)

So much for watching more features than shorts. Though it should be said the closest thing to a stinker in regards to the features was Dr. Sadism, and it wasn’t half bad.

Three perfects this week, and all at the start of the week. Christopher Lee makes an appearance on this blog (might be a first even considering the blog’s original run.)

As for the best by preference, I’m going to ignore Suspiria, because of course Suspiria wins, it’s one of my favorite movies.

With the remainders, the top three are as follows:

  1. Sette Note in Nero
  2. Joyû-rei
  3. There’s a Man in the Woods.

Homesick and Leave take bottom place, though I think Leave should be slightly lower than Homesick.

Gratuitous misuse of H. P. Lovecraft’s goes to Glorious. The Elder God used in it is named after the son of Cthulhu, and is in no form like what’s presented in the flick. Homage? Let’s call it that.

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