[BLOG] New Year’s Resolution 2023


2022 was not my best year. Ranging from Mom getting sick, a horrible vacation, losing my job and one or two other things, I’m glad to see the end of it. I’m not saying it didn’t have a few good moments. Nor am I saying it hasn’t improved. It just sucked over all.

This year hopefully will be different.

To that end, I’ve a few thoughts.

I’ve started a program learning Computer Graphics. The light house island picture is a start. I haven’t done much more, but more I intend to do.

I intend to also write more. Yesterday I started and finished a short story. More would be nice. I also have been working on notes for my novels. Yes, plural. Over 15. I’m nuts.

I intend to write movie reviews again. Next Friday should see the start of that. I hope to have at least one review up every Friday.

I intend more posts on this blog on no certain schedule. I hope to have more than just one post a month. I hope not to miss a month like I did last.

I am also cleaning house, looking for another job, and other activities to improve both my mood and general situation in life.

This is my resolution for 2023. If I stick to even one thing, I’ll count this as a success. I’m just shooting for a total success.

Let’s see what happens.

5 thoughts on “[BLOG] New Year’s Resolution 2023

  1. Well, I certainly wish you better luck for this new year. What happened with you job? I’ve gone through that one a few years in my life. Now, I work as a professional freelance writer and get paid decently for it. You may wish to consider the same path.

    1. I got in a rather loud argument with a fellow employee where I was both loud and abusive in content. This, though, wasn’t what got me canned; they’d have just lectured me. Unfortunately there was another more minor incident which, when coupled with this, was more than Walmart could stand. My fault, shouldn’t have lost my temper. But. There it is.

      1. That’s too bad. While looking for another job, you may wish to consider working as a freelance writer. There are a lot of opportunities (ex.- Upwork) in that area. for example, I just finished a 30,000 word eBook and was paid $1,000.

      2. Henry

        Oh, as a typical example, I earn $200 per week (average) for about 12 hours worth of work (from my bedroom). Thia may not seem like much but, remember, I live in a third world country (Philippines). I would probably work more if I was younger (like I used to work) LoL. If you’re interested in checking this out, I’d be glad to assist you, since we’ve been online friends for so many years. This might help you use some of that time that you may now have on your hands, while looking for a new job (and there are no co-workers). 🙂

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