[IMAGE] In One Week I’ve Taken More Notes For These Lessons Than I Ever Did In High School

Okay, here’s the deal.

I’ve mentioned that I’m taking lessons in computer graphics, via Blender. Above is an example of this, a nice lighthouse scene.

Problem is, I took a month or so off of lessons. So even though I’m a quarter of the way through the first course, I’m not confident enough in what I recall to go back to where I started.

So I restarted the course. Watched the lessons not quite from the beginning, but where they started actually talking about what I need to do to succeed.

This time through? Lots of notes. Copious amount of notes.

I keep wanting to say “Just like I was in a real class”. That, though, would be a lie. I seldom took notes in class. Found it boring.

Look where it got me.

All that said, I thought I’d post my progress here. Every time I finish a lesson, I’ll take a render and post it. With a little commentary, like this.

Thus I kill two birds with one stone. Clever? Maybe.

Below is the start. Houses. Not impressive. Just gray shapes in the fog. Color and lighting comes later.

Next is the lighthouse.

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