[IMAGE] Rocky Base/Island

The above is the rocky base/island that the houses and lighthouse will reside on. Note that this time it isn’t just lost in a grey void. Over to the right you’ll see some shadow action going on. That’s because this object is now in what will become the sea. Or lake. Wherever this place is set in whatever world it comes from.

Amusingly, when I went to render it for this post, I forgot to tell the program to take out the lighthouse. Leaving a HUGE BUILDING right in the center of it.

This was the only real mistake I made on this lesson.

If I can take a moment to discuss improvements, compare efforts:

With this effort, I’m keeping the hill a little smaller in height. Hopefully this will result in a better final image.

Next comes something called the Decimate Modifier. Sounds like a Doctor Who title.

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