[IMAGE] I Colored How Many Trees Just Now?

I, uh, made a mistake on my tree count.

The file folder I looked at had this number on it: 99. I thought that was the total. That was how it worked on the other folders.

Only on this folder… The 99 had a little + sign on it.

I made more than 99 trees.

I made something like, say, over 600 trees.

639 trees, to be precise.

I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Just paste and place, paste and place. That doesn’t look good over there, let’s reorganize.

Ten minutes, I think. Twenty tops.

Could you imagine having to color all those trees individually?

The mind boggles.

Fortunately, all of the trees are linked, so when I colored one I colored the other 638.

Same with the houses.


Anyway. I discussed the lighthouse situation with Mom and net result is a moved lighthouse to a higher locale. I also made it a wee bit bigger so that its light might shine over the high part of the hill.

The lighthouse itself is uncolored as that’s the next lesson.

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