[IMAGE] Trees and Lots of Them

There’s something intoxicating about creating. Of making something from nothing. Even if the something you made is still nothing.

I fought very hard to get these trees right. Not just in looks. I also screwed up some mechanic and the tree wasn’t placing on the island right. Took some time fixing that, but I got there.

From this distance you can’t really make out the detail, or the effort. I could have just had cones on a cylinder and achieved the same effect. Up close, though, it looks good. Crude, but good

Planting these things was what I thought was going to be a real problem. Wasn’t much of a much as it turns out. Just ALT+D over and over and over and over again. There are almost a hundred trees in that render. 99, to be precise. Had I known, I’d have added one more. Not that anyone but me would have cared.

Let me drop a little knowledge here, to show you I’m learning. ALT+D makes a linked copy of the original object. I fiddle with one tree, I fiddle with them all. Makes coloring them in so much easier.

I keep thinking the lighthouse should be on the top of the hill. I was thinking that with the video Instructor’s lighthouse, and his is enormous. Might move it around later.

Right now? I’m just enjoying the view.

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