[IMAGE] I Dunno, Maybe the Lighthouse Teleports Around the Island

As the title implies, I moved the lighthouse again. Shrank it, too. Probably won’t do it again.

A few other notes.

I made a church! Fixed up a cross, fought to put it on the right building, the works. Even made a cemetery.

Can you see them?

Me neither.

I also rearraigned the trees some on the middle left. In my fervor to plant trees, I put a bunch on the gray portion of the island. While one or two are okay, ten or so are too much. It didn’t take much correcting.

We are almost done with meddling with the lighthouse. This lesson was coloring it and giving it a light glow up top. Next lesson will be a night scene.

I sort of like it the way it is. But who knows? The night might be better.

Oh! Here are a few close ups so as you get a better feel for the trees. And so that all that work on the crosses don’t go to waste…

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