[IMAGE] Chipping Away At the Project

And now pillars with little bits carved out of them. A whole lot of headache for something so simple.

Now if you’ll give me one second…

Yeah, I think those aren’t the same pillars as I showed you before. Might have gotten disgusted with Blender and redid them all.

From scratch.

Without using the notes or the videoes.

Which… yay? I guess?

Anyway, I also worked on my novels too today. Retread ground, but some progress made.

This is a more definite yay.

Also, it should be noted I watched Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf for the first time in… God. Twenty years? Twenty five years? I liked it a whole lot better this time, to the point I might actually buy it. And I don’t even have the first one.

I will say there isn’t a scene in it where Christopher Lee doesn’t look vaguely ticked off…

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