[IMAGE] Another Brick in the Wall

I might add a few more notches over on the right side. But not bad for a first timer.

Quick confession: this took longer than it should. For whatever reason, the bricks had to be the same size. Had to be. Exactly 80 centimeters.

Blender centimeters, mind. there’s a grid for it and everything.

So with the top row I made damn sure all five bricks were the right size.

With the bottom row… I forced myself to eyeball it.

And you know what? While I wasn’t 100%, I was damn close.

Pleased me to no end.

Then I made sure they were all 100%.

Because I had to.

Had to.

The whole thing didn’t take too long and, again, very happy with the outcome.

As a bonus, a little look behind the scenes with the wall.

It might not be too clear, but the whole thing is flat. It’s like the fake looking sets in all the B-movies.

God I love that.

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