[IMAGE] Final Touches

And here we have our scene in color with a few additions.

Once again I disagreed with my Instructor. He was content with pyramids for trees. It’s all Low Polygon and thus a little simple in style.

Me, I thought it looked terrible. Besides, I already had trees made. No harm moving them over.

My Instructor also had his dino a single color. That felt wrong, too, so I went on a coloring spree. Toes got colored, skin got colored, inside of the mouth got colored…

Can you even tell the inside of the mouth is colored?

It’s probably the lighting. Bear of a time working with it. Might fix it up tomorrow.

The eyes were originally white, but that got lost in the render. Black works. You can see they have eyes with black.

One last detail: My Instructor only had one dino. My one dino looked lonely, so I gave him a family to watch out for.

This series of lectures is almost done. The next one might be interesting. More notes!

As a bonus, below is the original coloration for the T-Rex.

3 thoughts on “[IMAGE] Final Touches

    1. I have a couple of ideas. The first one is going back to my game idea, but making my own environments and characters rather than rely on the whim of RPG Maker. Hell, I’ve been think about literal game making.

      The other idea is making a little cartoon. The next section of this particular course deals with animation. This would help with game making or just provide amusement.

      If none of these things come to pass, I’ve been having fun building my own little worlds. It’s sort of like diorama building, without any actual pieces.

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