[The Hell…?!] The Pot Sues Kettle?

I debated bringing this category back when rebooting this site. It had been so long since I came across something that made me go… the Hell…?! It didn’t seem worth the effort.

Then I found out something today.

There is a man out there by Demetrious Polychron. An author. Who is claiming Amazon and the Tolkien Estate plagiarized his works for the TV series Lord of the Ring: The Rings of Power.

Now this series has not gone over well. At all. So it is curious why anyone in their right mind would own to having any part of this. The things one does for their fifteen minutes of fame, right?

Only it gets better.

The novel Polychron claims got plagiarized? Is on sale at Amazon.

Wanna know what it’s about? Of course you do! Here’s the blurb in all it’s glory:

Long before Sauron, the original Rings Of Power were forged by the Elven Lord Celebrimbor and Dwarven smith Narvi in Eregion, near the Misty Mountains. These first magic Rings were far more powerful than those that came after and were corrupted by Sauron to be fought for in the War of the Ring.

Elanor, daughter of Samwise, is nervous before her debutante party in the Shire. In the 22nd year of the reign of the High King Elessar, the Blue Wizards return from out of the East bearing grave and perilous news: the rest of the Rings of Power have been found and they are in deadly danger. Thus begins the War of the Rings to End All Wars of the Rings. Before it is over Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, Men and magical races long forgotten or never seen before will join the Quest to find Celebrimbor’s originals and the last of Sauron’s corrupted Rings of Power.

Elanor, two Hobbit friends, the Crown Prince Eldarion, his Elvish uncles Elladan and Elrohir join the Wizards Alatar and Pallando in a war across Middle-earth fighting for their lives. If they fail, they will witness the return of the Vala Morgoth, the source of Evil and former Master of the long-defeated Sauron. With all the Rings of Power at his command, Morgoth will enslave the whole of Middle-earth – forever.

The mind BOGGLES! Not only is this nothing like the Amazon show, it is, in fact, an unauthorized sequel to a classic work of fiction!!! On sale for almost $12!!!!!

The Hell?!

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