[GAME] Cullen’s Super Grand Obstacle Course Mark I

This is the first actual honest to God computer game I’ve made. It was done on the Unity engine and following a tutorial, but the layout and the set up is mine, as is all the programing errors it no doubt has.

The essence of this game is as follows: the Player (inappropriately named Nemo Green) must go from Point A to Point B without hitting anything. There’s spinners, balls and bricks dropping out of the sky, even walls, which are surprisingly hard to avoid.

This little guy has a lot of problems. I don’t have the timing on the balls and brick quite done. The way Nemo’s movement is handled, according to the instructor, is less than ideal. There’s a scoring system in place that I was never shown to implement. And there’s no noise; the music you hear on the video is exclusive to YouTube.

All that said, I enjoyed making the thing and enjoyed playing it. And who knows? When I know more I might even go back to it.

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