[IMAGE/FICTION] Dungeon Explore!

I’ve never seen these stairs before? I wonder what’s down there?
A mysterious room? How mysterious!
Ooo, boxes! Who put them down here? What’s in them? I’d ask Uncle, but I’m not supposed to roam the house alone.
More to explore! How absolutely fascinating!
Ut oh! Thought I heard someone coming towards the stairs! I’d better hurry to the next room.
More boxes in here, and they’re blocking the way further! I better find a hiding place here! Someone’s coming!
This is the best I can do! Probably ought to think small thoughts! Uncle’s almost here. Boy, does he sound mad!

[IMAGE] Lit Dungeon Room

Two more videos to go!

I want to take a second to point out the stairs. This was an addition I came up with driving around town. I figured out how it could be done, worked on it for a little bit, and threw it into the setup.

I think adding spur-of-the-moment things is a good thing. I did it with the fire island piece and if I can think of something for the next project, I will.

One of my goals with this is to have fun. So far it’s been worth the headaches of trying to figure out how I, say, lost the base of my torch, but not the flame itself.

That one still doesn’t make any sense to me…

[IMAGE] Modular Walls

I’m probably the only one who finds all of this exciting. Can’t help myself. It’s like building your own Legos. I can’t wait to start making things with them.

As a interesting note, I made three of these modular walls and forgot to leave a fourth non-connected-to-pillar wall as a spare. Easy fix, but dumb mistake.

Next I’m building an arch door way. I was about to write “How cool is that?”, but it really isn’t that cool.


[IMAGE] Another Brick in the Wall

I might add a few more notches over on the right side. But not bad for a first timer.

Quick confession: this took longer than it should. For whatever reason, the bricks had to be the same size. Had to be. Exactly 80 centimeters.

Blender centimeters, mind. there’s a grid for it and everything.

So with the top row I made damn sure all five bricks were the right size.

With the bottom row… I forced myself to eyeball it.

And you know what? While I wasn’t 100%, I was damn close.

Pleased me to no end.

Then I made sure they were all 100%.

Because I had to.

Had to.

The whole thing didn’t take too long and, again, very happy with the outcome.

As a bonus, a little look behind the scenes with the wall.

It might not be too clear, but the whole thing is flat. It’s like the fake looking sets in all the B-movies.

God I love that.

[IMAGE] A Few More Notches on My Belt… I Mean Pillars

This marks the end of videos I’ve watched as this was the real lecture I gave up on and not the last one. While I had to fight my way through, I made it through and am going to the next one.

As a note, the pillar on the right had a modification done on it. It used to stick out a bunch more than it does now. I had to fight a little to get this to where it is now, but the notes helped here.

I now move to Materials, which is an aspect that’s been covered before. This time I get more depth.

[IMAGE] Chipping Away At the Project

And now pillars with little bits carved out of them. A whole lot of headache for something so simple.

Now if you’ll give me one second…

Yeah, I think those aren’t the same pillars as I showed you before. Might have gotten disgusted with Blender and redid them all.

From scratch.

Without using the notes or the videoes.

Which… yay? I guess?

Anyway, I also worked on my novels too today. Retread ground, but some progress made.

This is a more definite yay.

Also, it should be noted I watched Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf for the first time in… God. Twenty years? Twenty five years? I liked it a whole lot better this time, to the point I might actually buy it. And I don’t even have the first one.

I will say there isn’t a scene in it where Christopher Lee doesn’t look vaguely ticked off…