[IMAGE] Final Touches

And here we have our scene in color with a few additions.

Once again I disagreed with my Instructor. He was content with pyramids for trees. It’s all Low Polygon and thus a little simple in style.

Me, I thought it looked terrible. Besides, I already had trees made. No harm moving them over.

My Instructor also had his dino a single color. That felt wrong, too, so I went on a coloring spree. Toes got colored, skin got colored, inside of the mouth got colored…

Can you even tell the inside of the mouth is colored?

It’s probably the lighting. Bear of a time working with it. Might fix it up tomorrow.

The eyes were originally white, but that got lost in the render. Black works. You can see they have eyes with black.

One last detail: My Instructor only had one dino. My one dino looked lonely, so I gave him a family to watch out for.

This series of lectures is almost done. The next one might be interesting. More notes!

As a bonus, below is the original coloration for the T-Rex.


This took no time at all.

Let’s look at those hands a moment. My instructor went with floppy box shapes, and to me, that’s no good at all. If it doesn’t have two clawed fingers, it ain’t a T-Rex.

So after a bit of fumbling I made two fingers.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve always found it promising that not only do I get a flash of inspiration, but I also am able to follow through. I think it shows I’m learning, which I was afraid was something I could no longer do.

I’ve got six more lectures in this part of the course before moving on to something called UV mapping. This will start me into animation. Which will be a wee bit more difficult to show here.

[IMAGE/FICTION] Dungeon Explore!

I’ve never seen these stairs before? I wonder what’s down there?
A mysterious room? How mysterious!
Ooo, boxes! Who put them down here? What’s in them? I’d ask Uncle, but I’m not supposed to roam the house alone.
More to explore! How absolutely fascinating!
Ut oh! Thought I heard someone coming towards the stairs! I’d better hurry to the next room.
More boxes in here, and they’re blocking the way further! I better find a hiding place here! Someone’s coming!
This is the best I can do! Probably ought to think small thoughts! Uncle’s almost here. Boy, does he sound mad!

[IMAGE] Lit Dungeon Room

Two more videos to go!

I want to take a second to point out the stairs. This was an addition I came up with driving around town. I figured out how it could be done, worked on it for a little bit, and threw it into the setup.

I think adding spur-of-the-moment things is a good thing. I did it with the fire island piece and if I can think of something for the next project, I will.

One of my goals with this is to have fun. So far it’s been worth the headaches of trying to figure out how I, say, lost the base of my torch, but not the flame itself.

That one still doesn’t make any sense to me…