[Month of Horror] Third Week Summation

What a week.

The Horror stuff I watched this week goes as follows:

  • Sette Note in Nero/The Psychic (Italian Feature)
  • Suspiria (Italian Feature)
  • Joyû-rei (Japanese Feature)
  • This Dark Thought (Animated Short)
  • There’s a Man in the Woods (Animated Short)
  • Homesick (Short)
  • Glorious (Feature)
  • Who’s Hungry (Animated Short)
  • Leave (Short)
  • Run (Short)
  • The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (West German Feature)

So much for watching more features than shorts. Though it should be said the closest thing to a stinker in regards to the features was Dr. Sadism, and it wasn’t half bad.

Three perfects this week, and all at the start of the week. Christopher Lee makes an appearance on this blog (might be a first even considering the blog’s original run.)

As for the best by preference, I’m going to ignore Suspiria, because of course Suspiria wins, it’s one of my favorite movies.

With the remainders, the top three are as follows:

  1. Sette Note in Nero
  2. Joyû-rei
  3. There’s a Man in the Woods.

Homesick and Leave take bottom place, though I think Leave should be slightly lower than Homesick.

Gratuitous misuse of H. P. Lovecraft’s goes to Glorious. The Elder God used in it is named after the son of Cthulhu, and is in no form like what’s presented in the flick. Homage? Let’s call it that.

[Month of Horror] Second Week Summation

Told you no repeat of the ten movie watch. This week I watched eleven. And skipped a day.

The movies are as follows:

  • Blackbird (Short)
  • In Vaulted Halls Entombed (Netflix Show episode)
  • Chainsaw Maid (Animated Short)
  • Deadstream (Feature)
  • Waiting (Animated Short)
  • Dagon (Animated Short)
  • Laura Hasn’t Slept (Short)
  • Withered (Short)
  • 2AM: The Smiling Man (Real Short)
  • This Is Not a Test (Short)
  • The Shrine (Feature)

Note: Unless noted otherwise, the shorts I watch for these reviews are on You Tube. Except for Laura Hasn’t Slept , which has been pulled by Paramount.

Looks like more shorts than features. Not my intent for this series, but real life writes the plot. I’m already doing better for Week 3.

Only two of these were perfects. No film dipped below 2.5 points, which might be an improvement. Depending on where you stand on the matter.

The top three, in order of preference more than quality:

1. (tied) Deadstream/Chainsaw Maid

3. The Shrine.

Though 2AM comes close to edging out The Shrine.

The worst flick I watched would be Blackbird.

Film pushing the Short category to its limit: Dagon. Really, it’s more of an audio with pictures.

Two weeks down. A new week begins…

[Month of Horror] First Week Summation

Okay, this first week of the Month of Horror I watched ten films (don’t expect a repeat).

The films were:

  • The Mummy (1932)
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Rood (Short)
  • Eldritch Code (Short)
  • Shinsen (Short)
  • I See You (Short)
  • They Crawl Beneath
  • Deep Red
  • Chopping Mall
  • C.H.U.D.

The average score I dished out last week was 2.95, so as a rule whatever I watched was between good or average. One flick in particular brought the whole thing down. Which is only interesting statisticwise.

Six out of ten were full length films. Two were short films. Two were cartoons.

I gave out three perfect scores. None hit zero. A good thing. For me.

The top three, in order of preference more than quality, were as follow”

  1. Deep Red.
  2. Bride of Frankenstein
  3. C.H.U.D

The worst of the lot was They Crawl Beneath.

The guy who got dumped the hardest: Boris Karloff. Two flicks and he never once got the girl.

Actually, I don’t think Boris ever did get the girl.

Any way, on to the next review.